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Live Healthy Iowa Kids Approach

Live Healthy Iowa Kids is a program of the Iowa Sports Foundation and is endorsed by the Iowa Governor's Council on Physical Fitness & Nutrition.

The Iowa Sports Foundation (ISF) was created on June 20, 1986 as a nonprofit entity to promote amateur sports within the state of Iowa; host Olympic-style festivals, competitions, and exhibitions; and create awareness, emphasize, and educate Iowans concerning the numerous benefits of good health, physical fitness, good character, and competition. More than 166,000 people from all of Iowa's 99 counties participated in ISF events in 2010 including Live Healthy Iowa, Live Healthy Iowa Kids, Go The Distance Day, Fall Fitness Day, Summer Iowa Games, Winter Iowa Games,  and many others.

As the founder of Live Healthy Iowa (formally known as Lighten Up Iowa), the ISF continues to lead the way in encouraging Iowans to become healthier by increasing physical activity and developing positive eating habits. Due to the success of Live Healthy Iowa, Live Healthy America was created and has spread the program across the country.

Our youth programs were developed in 2004, Live Healthy Iowa Kids (formally known as Go The Distance) and Go The Distance Day. In 2009,  Fall Fitness Day was developed. Through these free programs, Iowa youth are encouraged to be more active and learn about healthy food choices, all in a postive, fun way.

Since they began, over 500,000 youth have participated in Live Healthy Iowa Kids, Go The Distance Day, and Fall Fitness Day.